Arabic Annual Session 7

01-04-2024 / 26-04-2024

1 avril 2024
4 Weeks


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Arabic Annual Sessions 2024

Arabic Annual Session 7: APRIL 01-04-2024 / 26-04-2024

Intensive Courses (Modern Standard Arabic / Tunisian Arabic)
4 weeks: From Monday to Friday.
4 hours / day: From 09 to 13.

About Wissem Arabic Language Institute (WALI)

WALI Institute is recognized for Teaching Arabic to speakers who are non native Arabic speakers. We have specialized teachers who are qualified in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language. Specialized in both Modern Standard Arabic and Tunisian Arabic, Wissem Institute’s intensive courses give students the opportunity to learn the Arabic Language rapidly and correctly.

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Address: 7 street of IRAK 1002 TUNIS, Tunisia
Phone: +216 27 414 509