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Course Description
Various private courses are available, including:
Private Courses in our Institute:

2 lessons per week : (4 hours) / 35 TD per hour

3/4/5 lessons per week : (6/8/10 hours) / 30 TD per hour

Private Courses in our Institute : Intensive Courses

5 lessons per week : (15/20/25 hours) / 25 TD per hour

Arabic for specific purposes : Conversation/ Political Arabic / Diplomatic Arabic / Business Arabic/ Arabic for lawyers : (Levels: B1-B2-C1-C2-) : 35 TD per hour

Private Courses outside our Institute:

1 lesson per week : (2 hours) / 65 TD per hour


To subscribe to our private courses please fill this form

Wissem Arabic Language Institute Private Courses Subscription form


Learners are kindly required to choose the Package that best suits them

Fees have to be paid well in advance

If learners do not inform about any delay or cancellation of class before 24 hours from class time,the total price of that lesson will be charged